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August 23, 2013
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Zero-Period Application: Alice Celis by ColourlessDays Zero-Period Application: Alice Celis by ColourlessDays

Zero-Period Application: Alice Celisby ColourlessDays

Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Other©2013-2014 ColourlessDays
It's very messy and awkward since I did it on a short notice (I'm going away for the weekend xD) so hopefully it'll be okay.

Application for :iconzero-period:
Name: Alice

April 21, 1997
16 years old/ 2nd Year

Gender: Female

Height: 167 cm

Alter-ego species: Albino Peacock (it's really hard to see but she actually does have a white feather-like (?) tail ouo a very messy one...)

Scythe. Alice can actually use a scythe in both forms. The reason behind it is because when Alice was younger she used to live on a farm, and when she first saw a scythe, she almost literally fell in love with it. Her father recognizing her staggering potential to be the world’s greatest scythe swinger(?) found her a professional to teach her the ways of the scythe. The only difference is that the scythe used in Alter-Ego form is much cooler, and also is used to fight.

Strong in studies?
Yes. (half of it may not be that she studies hard… but she argues for marks very… "well")

Strongest Subject: English and Drama (thanks to her rather… dramatic side)
Weakest Subject: Math and Science equally( she has the potential to do better, but she often rage quits more than other students, causing for her not to have any experience with the math problems.)
For science it’s the same thing. She’s not that patient, and that means accidents with labs will occur. (at least she does well on the tests!)
Personality: Alice seems very calm when you first see her. However, as you get to know her (heck even with 5 minutes you will be able to figure this out) she’s actually very emotional. In fact, she’s not just emotional, she takes emotions to the extreme edge. It almost goes to a point where these emotions almost separate into various people. This wackiness scares off people very easily. Luckily, Alice isn’t a companion-seeking sort of person, thus, having a lack of friends does not really matter to her. She also has a rather pompous personality as she judges herself above everyone else, whether that is true or not is still uncertain ( in other words it’s not true) She cannot form bonds with people well at all as she does not like putting faith in another human being and she would also treat whatever you tell her lightly and would likely spill it somewhere.( so don’t /ever/ tell her deep dark secrets. If you do, by tomorrow everyone will know it.) However, she does have a sense of morality, that she will fervently apologize if she was in the wrong. (to the point you wish that she did not have any sense of morals) Oddly enough, as emotional as she is, she really dislikes this emotional side of her so she tries to maintain a calm exterior generally, until she becomes so aggravated that she has to let go of that composure. (She associates emotions with the weak, but considers herself strong and believes that her emotional side is the only weak side of her.)
-Anything sweet (she will even eat a piece of coin if it has sugar sprinkled all over it)
-"Inferior" beings

Reason for going to Shuukudai Academy
Alice lives in a technically normal household. However her rather pompous personality actually comes from her interaction with her twin brother (who attends another school) and he is considered a prodigy. Not wanting to lose to someone who is technically her equal she sought ways to beat him in everything, (and failed). Because of this she became rather insecure, and used an arrogant personality to cover up such feelings. Not liking to lose, she wanted to continue this one-sided competition further, and wanted to enroll in the same school as him but, when she was enrolling to the school, she mixed up the names and enrolled in Shuukudai Academy instead.

Note: there may be many things that are off or weird within this description... orz please forgive me sleep deprived me never makes any sense OTL
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PirateGigs Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013
Aaahhh wow cutie. ;v; and her personality and back story around really interesting! I can't wait to rp with her!
ColourlessDays Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student
;A; Thank you for your kind words Yeah it would be cool to RP together!! :D which way do you prefer?

PirateGigs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Ah! Do you mean skype or notes? Plus lit or script?

I don't mind either to be honest ovo
ColourlessDays Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student
ouo can we use notes...? 
PirateGigs Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
Sure sure! would you like to start? or should I?
ColourlessDays Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student
;A: could you start please? (i still sort of really suck at this all orz)
A-chama Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013
ahhhhh she seems awesome <333 Can't wait to see more of her! She has an interesting personality XDD <3
ColourlessDays Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Student
;A; Thank you so much!
DjNekoiNeko Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013
a wacky girl, sounds nice enough for my char to meet since mine is just off the top shy and scared as butts but IM SURE THEY CAN DO WELL HOPEFULLY OMG; OTLL;; but ur ego looks super cool albino peacock like fhewkfwe dang man //tear; //hugs her @ W@ id love to rp sometime!
ColourlessDays Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2013  Student
Aha, thank you for the nice comment xD I'm sure Alice can calm down enough to be nice... (or else I will bribe her with sweets! :D) Sure, rp sounds fun xD
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